There is no doubt that the environment significantly affects all our lives, our health . Under its influence our inherited characteristics are transforming and phenotype is created - our appearance, health, life expectancy, and others. Everyone already knows about the adverse impact of environmental pollution on our health. Air pollution is responsible for the increase of allergies, asthma and respiratory diseases. Water and environment pollution with various chemicals leads to an increasing number of tumors, birth defects and civilization diseases. These are the central themes of the powerful because of their solution depends the fate of mankind. As we can define pollution, we try to find the criteria of "purity" - benefit. What is the "ideal environment", air, water?
    Surface caves provided shelter and have been home to humans for more than 150.000 years. In the underground caves a person was born, grew up, lived, gave birth and died. Here he took refuge in the time of discomfort, illness, serious injuries in the struggle for life. He adapted the cave for his needs and the cave influenced his whole life.
   150 years ago modern climatology discovered an important - salubrious effect of mountain environment used in the Alps and the Tatras. Known are favorable effects of seaside stays. The cave environment is researched by scientist for less than 80 years. Speleoclimatology is still young, but the results of these studies are surprising and very significant. The cave climate and environment has been used for health benefited by popular medicine for centuries, but modern Speleotherapy is only 50 years old. Welcome to its site.


Bystrianska Cave

The cave is located on the south side of the Low Tatras, near the tourist centers Tale and Krpáčovo. The cave has an abyss character with dominating flowstone curtains hanging on calcite crusts. Some parts of the Bystrianska Cave are used for the Speleotherapy since 1971.